The Rhyacian by Julius Horsthuis

He is a VFX supervisor (Hectic Electric Amsterdam), and Fractal Artist

A Fractal journey to the birth of the Eukaryotic Cell; the building block of almost all life we see today.
music: “Prayer For A God” by Darren Tate

The Rhyacian is a geologic period that lasted between 2300 and 2050 million years ago.
In this period, the first Eukaryotic cells emerged.
Until this period, the earth had been inhabited only by the much simpler Prokaryotes, which make up Bacteria and Archaea.
The birth of the Eukaryote with its distinctive nucleus has been extremely important for evolution to get going.
All fungi are Eukaryotes.
All plants and animals are Eukaryotes.
We are made out of mysterious Eukaryotes that continue to exist after that magical moment in the Rhyacian, over two billion years ago.


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