Free logo #86
Designed For:-Mr.Yashwanth Sai From Bangalore

Design Brief:-This Logo is for fashion brand which is target the women .As per its designed is concern ,we have tried to make this logo creative and give it a feminine touch. Womens are crazy regarding their fashion wardrobe so we have made such crazy logo to attract the today’s fashionable Girls.Fonts are crazy matching with the brands.
Hope this logo will loved by the all women who wear the product from the “FAME Follows”

Designed By:– Brandyuva Creatives & Begindezign

About Designer:–
 “Brandyuva Creatives” is young,dynamic,creative design agency with insight and innovation at heart.we concern with all kind of creative designing work.We glad to know you that we are internet’s First who offering a creative design stuff for free.As per our Service is Concern,Any Small entrepreneur get creative and customized logo design for its Loving brand.
Hope you love his Service


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