the Undoing of the Machine World by Julius Horsthuis

[vimeo 166430778 w=640 h=400] what is the fractal? Contrary to popular belief, fractals aren't only for psychedelic entertainment, but can be used to build future machines...

Fractalicious 4 by Julius Horsthuis

[vimeo 168692736 w=640 h=320] Fractalicious 4 shows my best work from the last couple of months, including some new material - everything rendered in Mandelbulb3D. All...

Their Fractal Hallucination by Julius Horsthuis

[vimeo 170906620 w=640 h=360]  

Recursive Intuition by Julius Horsthuis

[vimeo 168571845 w=640 h=320] I use Mandelbulb3D to play with shapes, colors and animation. Fractals may be the product of algorithms, they connect with our...

Fractal Nature by Julius Horsthuis

[vimeo 173523597 w=640 h=360] With "Fractal Nature" I try to visualize the chaotic nature of reality. My everyday reality is the city of Amsterdam, which...

AlcoholFX – Classroom by Sean McClintock

[vimeo 163995227 w=640 h=360] Alcohol’s Effects on the Brain (AlcoholFX) is a free, science-based app for tablets that teaches students ages 10–12 how alcohol can...
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Re-Introducing Zendesk brand-Video

CREDITS Written and Directed by the Zendesk Story Team: Kevin Cline, Sara Farnsworth, Ethan Kanat, Olivia Kingsley Art Director: Erin Pinkley Lead Animator: Sara Farnsworth Animator (Product Logos):...

Smoky Mountain Tourism Posters by Shayne Ivy

Knoxville based designer Shayne Ivy have created a couple of really cool and creative posters for Smoky Mountain Tourism. Shayne Ivy is an experienced, award...
Rory kurtz art

The Art by Rory Kurtz From NewYork

Rory Kurtz is an illustrator and artist living on the shore of Lake Michigan in America’s Midwest. Focusing in pencil, ink, and digital paint,...