the Undoing of the Machine World by Julius Horsthuis

[vimeo 166430778 w=640 h=400] what is the fractal? Contrary to popular belief, fractals aren't only for psychedelic entertainment, but can be used to build future machines...

Fractalicious 4 by Julius Horsthuis

[vimeo 168692736 w=640 h=320] Fractalicious 4 shows my best work from the last couple of months, including some new material - everything rendered in Mandelbulb3D. All...

Their Fractal Hallucination by Julius Horsthuis

[vimeo 170906620 w=640 h=360]  

Recursive Intuition by Julius Horsthuis

[vimeo 168571845 w=640 h=320] I use Mandelbulb3D to play with shapes, colors and animation. Fractals may be the product of algorithms, they connect with our...

Fractal Nature by Julius Horsthuis

[vimeo 173523597 w=640 h=360] With "Fractal Nature" I try to visualize the chaotic nature of reality. My everyday reality is the city of Amsterdam, which...

AlcoholFX – Classroom by Sean McClintock

[vimeo 163995227 w=640 h=360] Alcohol’s Effects on the Brain (AlcoholFX) is a free, science-based app for tablets that teaches students ages 10–12 how alcohol can...

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